Our Values


“Gospel” can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. It can be anything from hellfire preaching to soul or country music. We don’t mean any of those. The Bible’s word for “gospel” just means “good news,” and it refers to the good news that

Jesus died and rose again to defeat sin, death, and evil and make all things new.This “good news” tells us that we are far more messed up than we ever realized, but that Jesus loves us far more than we could ever hope for. The two don’t seem to go together, I know, but that is why it is “good news.” Through Jesus there is real hope, not just a fool’s hope, for me, for you, and for the world. God has been changing lives for history for ages now, and at LBBC we are simply riding the wave of his ancient, renewing power won by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Everybody wants it, we all need it, many promise it, but few experience it. That about sums the conundrum of community. Difficult or not, we believe that community is an essential part of being Jesus’ followers. “Church” to us is not a building, social club, charitable organization, or free entertainment. “Church literally means community, and we want to experience life together as much as possible.

Most of our community happens in our Community Groups which meet weekly to share Scripture, prayer, and food. But through them, we also attempt to share life and service. It is our prayer that through them we will be renewed as well as renew our city.


Mission for us is not a program. It’s a lifestyle. AS followers of Jesus, we are called to carry his renewing hope and love into the whole world. We do this by engaging and loving the real world and real people.

This means that we don’t just help people who fit a certain mold, but everyone we can. It means that we treat people like the complex, unique individuals they are, and not as objects to be won. It means that we bring spiritual as well as physical aid into their neediness.

This also means that we attempt to bring Christ’s truth, integrity, creativity, joy, hope, love, and grace into every aspect of our life, community and city. We are never NOT on a mission.