What to Expect

Dress: We are pretty casual and diverse in dress.  You’ll see everything from suits to shorts, ties to overalls at one of our services.  So come in whatever you feel comfortable.

The People: As stated above, we are a fairly diverse congregation (at least, about as diverse as Lebanon gets).  We are young and old, blue collar and white collar.  Some of us our from “churched” backgrounds.  Some of us aren’t.  Any and all are welcome.

Service: We don’t try to be either traditional or contemporary in our services.  We just sing, pray, and speak in words that we find best expresses our faith.  Christianity has been around for a long time, and we want to stay connected to our historic roots.  But we also want to worship in new and creative ways.

Remodeling: We are getting a new start as a church in many ways.  One of them is changing the look of our building.  No major structural changes, but for the time being expect to see a building in transition. You will see a blend of modern as well as not so modern decor.